It’s a great time to be looking for work as an airline pilot. With nearly every major carrier hiring, as well as all regionals (including many with signing bonuses, retention bonuses, preferential hiring, career progression programs or guaranteed jobs at a legacy carrier), pilots have more employment options than ever before. Pilots are in high demand and have many options when choosing where to work. With so many airlines to choose from, an applicant needs to ask the question:

Is Frontier Airlines the best choice for your future? We hope this FACTUAL information will help you make the best decision possible.

100% of Frontier Pilots Vote to Authorize Strike

Air Wisconsin increases sign on bonus to $57,000-Almost double first-year pay at Frontier                          100% of Frontier Pilots approve STRIKE VOTE AUTHORIZATION                                                                            Piedmont and Envoy increase first-year pay to $60,000, INCLUDES GUARANTEED JOB at AMERICAN AIRLINES                                 Southwest shares $543 million in profit with employees                            Delta pays $1.1 BILLION in employee profit sharing                            NO Profit Sharing at Frontier

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