Frontier pilots make move toward strike (

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL – Frontier Airlines pilots voted unanimously today to take the first step toward authorizing a strike — a work stoppage that could have significant reverberations for a Denver-based airline in the midst of a large national expansion and is preparing for a public stock offering.

Represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, the Frontier pilots voted to authorize their elected union representatives to walk off the job if contract talks don’t result in a new collective-bargaining agreement.

Before doing that, the union must get a ruling from the National Mediation Board that further mediation efforts must not be productive, must decline arbitration or have the airline reject that option, and then go through a “cooling ff” period of 30 days — meaning that any strike likely is still months away or may not happen at all, according to Frontier executives.

Frontier pilots six years ago made arguably the key move in keeping the Denver-headquartered airline from falling into a potentially company-dissolving bankruptcy, voting to purchase an equity stake in the airline from then-owner Republic Airways Holdings Inc. in exchange for deferral of pay raises and cuts to their benefits.

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